Preparations began in November 2011 when an ex-army 1977 Bedford MK truck was bought in the UK. The truck was brought to Reykjavik in April 2012 and has been modified to suite the trans African DXpedition. A satellite tracking portal has been enabled on this site so that those interested can follow our DXpedition live. Log updates and news of our progress will be posted on this site during our journey from Reykjavik to Cape Town.    

DX Across Africa

In January 2013, Jon TF3ZA, and a team of 15 adventurers will attempt to drive from Reykjavik, Iceland to Cape Town, South Africa. Our planned route through the African continent is approximately 20.000km and we estimate it will take us 6 months to reach Cape Town. We will depart Reykjavik in early January 2013 and update this site with news of our DXpedition. The operation is to last for approximately six months from ca. 20 DXCC entities in Africa. Logs will be updated daily during the DXpedition.